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The heading should have actually read lights , camera and action but the recent spate of videos in our college and of our batch says otherwise!!… Extreme creativity , Joblessness , nostalgia or a mixture of all these has led to around 4 to 5 videos.. all of them unique in its own sense…


The first one ,from my batch, i presume was my own [;)] !!… It was on one of the  the nights of the third sem  study vacations (Do anything but study!!)… our batch was pretty tense coz it was the first sem end  exams in our departments.. I happened to see some English film trailer which went like… THIS SUMMER…………… LIVES WILL CHANGE………..COURAGE WILL BE SHAKEN…… and blah blah.. .. COMING SOON…the usual stuff..

This coupled with the exam tension gave birth to EXAM PHEVER!! … all it took was some pics.. music and a movie maker and 3 hours(see.. anything but studies in ‘STUDY VACATIONS’!!).. i made this just for fun but  it looked pretty cool so upon the behest of some of my frens , went ahead and uploaded it!! .. It is very amateurish but it was fun to make!![ :)]


Then somewhere in april this great video by joy , ayush and jai was released… This looked like a professional video!!.. With superb editing and pics this became a instant superhit. The best part ,i believe , is the college tour thru just sequence pics with amazing music at the back!!….  ladies and gentlemen.. the PATSHALA video!!

Tanha Dil

During the end of the 4th sem suraj and prashanth came up with the idea of this tanha dil video .. They took three four days to just shoot pics and this video also has professors making cameos!! [;)]

<link will be up soon>

2005 outgoing batch

After the huge success of patshala , the same team was again given the task of creating the farewell video for the outgoing batch.. Check out this neat video..

2006 batch

The last video here was done by the current 4th years.. its a fun video about study vacations and sem exams!!

There are some more vids but could not find the links on youtube.. so plz send them if u find any!!.. Herz hoping in  the next year too we will have more fun videos(including the one i have in mind now!!)..

PS:thanks for the good response for the blog.. keep the comments coming!!


Holidays.. It is that time of the year we get to do all the things that we thought we would do while we studied for the final exams or the places we thought we could go when we were listening to a i-cant-make-sense-of this-stuff lecture ..

But then when it actually turns up , we all fret about missing college , what little can we do in this rains . There is news of floods , Landslides all over the place and u can hardly go anywhere. Being in Engineering , we get around 3 months of vacations (ya!!…).. .But the catch is, it is from june to august and it means rain , rain and more rain.. Although we have to be thankful that we dont have to study or prepare for exams like VTU students(sorry guys :)…. ) , therz very little we can do in these vacations!!..

So what do we do in this vacations ??.. Well for starters it should be indoors ,isnt it??.. The shorter the day , the less boring it is… So logically, get up late!!… then after a late late breakfast there will be lot of orkut , facebook and now twitter.. Comment on every single photo that you see (hey you look good .., hey nice BG .lol…, nice , cute smile….lol , lookin cute, blah blah) or be on GTALK 24 x 7 … Then there is T.V .. you really know how boring daytime television is when you are forced to see those oooooooold movies, or re re re runs of several serials.. U switch on to NEWS , they start with a good morning and proceed to tell you exactly why it is not(BOMBS , FLU , POLITICS .. ).. You turn to those business channels and there are people there telling you the various SUPPORT LEVELS of sensex (they change it on an hourly basis!!! ..its it 🙂 )and when u should buy and sell stuff…nope.. doesnt make much sense..

So after lunch and and short nap try to make the best of the rest of the day.. try to do some stuff like swim or guitar etc.. and then it is TV again.. but this time it is SOAPS everywhere!!.. You see those women with gigantic bindis and who roam around thier own houses wearing designer sarees and make up… i try to catch a nice serial ANTARA which is about a autistic child , which i feel is pretty nicely directed..

Being the travel freak that i am , i try to fix a trip whenever it is possible.. I happened to visit manipal recently and every time End point there amazes me.. The landscaping , maintenance there is simply brilliant… Also , just recently , had been to kaup. we got a bit confused and asked some locals there how to get there.??.. This guy replies ” Kaupdalli beachgalu illa , Yaru nimge helidu!![There is no beach in kaup, who told you??].. His accomplice too nodded and started laughing at me “Nimge yaru helidu beach untu enta.. adella bekadre malpege hogi”..[Who told you??.. beach is only in malpe :)]..I did not know what to say and i too started laughing!! 🙂 .. Then i did manage to “DISCOVER” kaup beach and regretted not getting that guy along..

Well , in all we expect something different from hols everytime and in the end it turns out to be almost the same… But it gives you some time off from those hectic schedules and catch up on various things u always wanted to.. So , enjoy the rest of ur hols ppl before the show begins again!!


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